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Clinical Application of TAKUMI

Prof. Masujiro Makita, Head of the Department of Breast Surgery at Nippon Medical School Hospital, elaborates on his experience using TAKUMI in his numerous clinical trials: “I was very intrigued to test how sentinel lymph node biopsy using TAKUMI in conjunction with Ferucarbotran (Resovist®), a superparamagnetic iron oxide contrast agent, would fare against the traditional… Read More »

Ferucarbotran vs. RI/Dye Method

Clinical trials have proven the magnetic fluid method to not be inferior to the radioisotope and dye method in breast cancer SLNB (Taruno K, et al ASCO 2018, J Clin Oncol 36, 2018 suppl:abstr e12603).Since the radioisotope method cannot be performed in many medical facilities in Japan, blue dye, fluorescent dye, or both are often… Read More »

Development of SLNB using Magnetic Fluid

Mikio Shiozawa, from the Department of Surgery at Jichi Medical University, describes the development of sentinel lymph node biopsy using magnetic fluid (RESOVIST®):“Since around 2007, I had been working at a small community hospital that did not have the facilities to perform the radioisotope method and I was contemplating alternative ways, like using magnetic fluids.… Read More »


TAKUMI – Matrix Cell Research Institute Inc.’s magnetic probe for sentinel lymph node detection – will be exhibited at the MEDICA Trade Fair 2019 held in Düsseldorf, Germany from November 18 to 21.Since having acquired CE Marking for TAKUMI at the beginning of July, the company announced that they are particularly looking forward to this year’s fair… Read More »

CE Marking Acquired for TAKUMI Magnetic Probe

Matrix Cell Research Institute Inc. has – effective as of July 1, 2019 – acquired CE Marking (Notified Body Number: 0344; EC Certificate No.: 4201663CE01) for TAKUMI in the European Union. Approval of CE Marking means that TAKUMI, the handheld magnetic probe for detection of magnetic fluid used to identify cancer metastases in Sentinel Lymph… Read More »

SLN Clinical Trial Phase

From 1999 to 2002, a third phase of multicenter clinical trials, focusing on axillary lymph node dissection (ALND), was conducted: randomized comparisons between “ALND vs. omission of ALND” and “ALND vs. radiotherapy” were performed, analyzing their respective disease-free survival rate, overall survival rate and lymph node recurrence rate, including sentinel node-negative and sentinel node-positive cases.The… Read More »

Sentinel Lymph Node Identification

The concept of sentinel lymph nodes (SLN) was introduced in breast cancer treatment in the 1990s. The clinical trials conducted included identification of the sentinel lymph node through injection of radiocolloids and dyes near the tumor, subsequent dissection of the axillary lymph nodes, and examination for metastasis. Furthermore, correlations between presence or absence of metastasis… Read More »

TAKUMI Published in Scientific Reports

TAKUMI, the handheld magnetic probe by Matrix Cell Research Institute Inc., was developed under collaborative research with the University of Tokyo and a team of renowned surgeons, aiming to achieve an alternative to conventional radioisotope techniques; a device that is both user- and patient-friendly, portable, minimally invasive and can be utilized even by medical institutions… Read More »

A Permanent Magnet – Core Part of TAKUMI

The permanent magnet utilized in TAKUMI, the handheld magnetic probe developed by Matrix Cell Research Institute Inc. to locate sentinel lymph nodes during breast cancer lumpectomy, provides many benefits, but what is a “permanent magnet”? Permanent magnetism was first discovered in Ancient Greece in 600 BC and is thus far older than Ampere’s law, which… Read More »

TAKUMI Featured on NHK Science ZERO

TAKUMI, the handheld magnetic probe developed by Matrix Cell Research Institute Inc., was featured on NHK Science ZERO in the segment “A Diamond Sensor that Can Measure Super-Micro Magnetic Fields” and was introduced as having promising applications in medicine. The segment can be viewed on the NHK On-Demand website.