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TAKUMI – Manufactured Under Strict Quality Control

Matrix Cell Research Inc.’s Quality Management System (QMS) conforms with the international standard ISO13485, which specializes in the medical device industry and has been adopted as the base of quality control methods for medical devices worldwide. QMS covers a wide range of processes – from design and development to purchasing, manufacturing, inspection, as well as… Read More »

CE Marking Acquired for TAKUMI Magnetic Probe

Matrix Cell Research Institute Inc. has – effective as of July 1, 2019 – acquired CE Marking (Notified Body Number: 0344; EC Certificate No.: 4201663CE01) for TAKUMI in the European Union. Approval of CE Marking means that TAKUMI, the handheld magnetic probe for detection of magnetic fluid used to identify cancer metastases in Sentinel Lymph… Read More »

TAKUMI Featured on NHK Science ZERO

TAKUMI, the handheld magnetic probe developed by Matrix Cell Research Institute Inc., was featured on NHK Science ZERO in the segment “A Diamond Sensor that Can Measure Super-Micro Magnetic Fields” and was introduced as having promising applications in medicine. The segment can be viewed on the NHK On-Demand website.

AMED Medical and Industrial Cooperation Business Promotion Project Starts

A research and development proposal for the purpose of detecting markers contained in nonpalpable breast cancer lesions using a magnetic probe was adopted by the Development of Medical Devices through Collaboration between Medicine and Industry of the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED). Matrix Cell Research Institute Inc. will serve as the representative… Read More »