Description & Specifications

Device group Medical device for inspection & diagnosis
Name Magnetometer
Shape Handheld, cordless and battery-powered
Size & weight W:300mm x H:95mm x D:34mm, 150g
Power input & supply 1.5VA, 3V DC
Temperature, humidity Transport: -10~50°C, 30~75% Transport device in the case provided

Operation: 10~40°C, 30~75%

Storage: 10~40°C, 30~75%. Avoid condensation during storage
Shelf life 1 year. Operational warranty period under storage conditions
Appurtenances Checker to ensure operational capability
Optional accessories Titanium retractors
Operating precautions Device is not sterile. When used in contact with body tissue/fluid, device is to be covered with single-use sterile sheath

For accurate & safe measurement, contact part of device should not be placed within 70mm of cardiac pacemaker and/o other active devices, as well as 40mm of metallic/magnetic objects

Do not reassemble and/or remodel any part of device to keep basic performance & safety

Do not operate in environments that are hot, humid, dusty, exposed to direct sunlight, used to store chemicals and/or where gas is generated
Safety device N/A
Other Device is reusable