IOP eBook: Magnetic Nanoparticles for Medical Diagnostics

By | September 18, 2019

This publication covers the recent trend towards employing magnetic nanoparticles in a variety of medical applications, aiming to bring professionals in medicine and scientific researchers closer together to further advance and explore the possibilities in this field.

Performing sentinel lymph node biopsies by employing magnetic nanoparticles in conjunction with a magnetic probe is the subject matter of the eBooks’ first chapter: Portable magnetic probe for detecting magnetic nanoparticles inside the body, which was written by Prof. Masaki Sekino and Prof. Moriaki Kusakabe from the University of Tokyo – two researchers who have contributed substantially to the development of the TAKUMI prototype. The chapter provides an overview of the principle and advantages of the magnetic method, the mechanism behind the handheld magnetic probe, as well as the results of preclinical studies.

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The eBook “Magnetic Nanoparticles for Medical Diagnostics” (Eds. Adarsh Sandhu and Hiroshi Handa, IOP Publishing Ltd 2018, Online ISBN: 978-0-7503-1584-5. was published in August 2018.